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Emo Jump

Emo Jump

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Emo Jump
Emo Jump
Emo Jump
Emo Jump

The description of Emo Jump

Following the music, control the dancing ball with draging the screen constantly, you will get a high score!
Full speed ahead, you need spare time to pick up props, avoid spikes, and step on combo points that release different functions on the way.
The longer you can hold on, the more splendid scenes you see. Come on! Challenge your limit, you will be outstanding among your friends!

Game Features

1 Various gaming scenes and multiplex roles
2 Daily check-in for big bonus
3 Jump and join the game score list
4 Your can invite friends to join in and challenge
5 Different props release different functions
6 Endless modes that you can’t stop playing

I heard that the person who can handle the ball to the desert has a high IQ.
Hold on 10 minutes, you will be on the Global Honor list!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1 and up