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River Attack

River Attack

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River Attack
River Attack
River Attack
River Attack

The description of River Attack

You are a pilot in war and must shoot your enemies. As you improve you unlock new, more powerful aircrafts to help you fulfill your mission and get a higher ranking than all of your friends.

You start out as an unknown, low rank pilot in a slow aircraft and have to prove that you deserve more. As you shoot enemy planes and collect fuel, so you do not crash, your wealth increases until you get the chance to buy modern and efficient aircrafts.

River Attack is based on the same concept as some old arcade shooters but goes further than just shooting enemies in order to beat the highscore. Instead, in River Attack you try to progress by accumulating coins to get more effective and faster aircrafts.

For an ideal gaming experience we recommend you to play while you are connected to the internet and use Google Play.

Key Features:
- Tilt Control
- Google Play Leaderboards
- Unlockable Airplanes
- Achievements
- Airplane upgrades
- Soon: Coop-Mode

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: 4.1 and up