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Cube Pumpkin

Cube Pumpkin

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Cube Pumpkin

The description of Cube Pumpkin

The game Cube Pumpkin is a classic game that contains a Luciferian pumpkin in a dark world full of dangerous obstacles. Help the pumpkin to reach the goal without being split before reaching the top. Each time the pumpkin climbs a step, a point can be exchanged for new terrifying characters. Play as a pumpkin, think as a pumpkin and with your skill you will help the pumpkin overcome obstacles and you will get to crown yourself as the king of Halloween.

The characteristics of the game
-Belos graphics that are hypnotic and eclipsing full hd that will not bore you during the game -Obstacles that will test your skill
-Easy control of the game, a feature that is easy for you
-Many of the characters are terrifying and scary Pumpkins that you can play. Points are used as currency to unlock new characters, so try to get as many points as you need

Game controls
-The jump / movement of the pumpkin will be made according to the touch screen

I hope you enjoy this game, enjoy the game you can play with friends who seek the highest score and compete or play for longer and more remote. Please, support this terrifying game !!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.0 and up