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Shrek Sugar Fever - Puzzle Game

Shrek Sugar Fever - Puzzle Game

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Shrek Sugar Fever - Puzzle Game
Shrek Sugar Fever - Puzzle Game
Shrek Sugar Fever - Puzzle Game
Shrek Sugar Fever - Puzzle Game

The description of Shrek Sugar Fever - Puzzle Game

???? Welcome to SHREK SUGAR FEVER PUZZLE GAME a sweet take on the classic puzzle genre with your favorite Shrek characters! ????

A witch has cursed the Kingdom of Far Far Away and has turned everything into a sugary world. Now the bridges are donuts, the fences are lollipops, the river is full of chocolate and the cotton mountains are topped with frosting. In this puzzle game, you must help Shrek match all the sweets that has invaded the kingdom by saving his swamp and rescuing his friends from the sugar craze. Here you will face sweet challenge boards while going with Shrek on a mission in this fun puzzle game.

Match two or more tiles of the same flavors to restore the kingdom back to the way it was. Be careful though, this match puzzle game is as addictive as the sweet that can leave you with a sweet tooth or a rush of sugar. Shrek hates sweets and his friends have become transformed with this spell so it’s up to you to help save them!

Join the sugar craze and blast chocolate, match sweets and smash jelly tiles in this free puzzle game. Complete the puzzles with the best score to accomplish objectives and save the kingdom from the sweet spell! You will have to really challenge your brain if you want to solve all the puzzles in this swap and match tiles full of jellies, sweets and more!

In this casual and fun puzzle game, there are different flavors, gelatins and chocolates - combine and exchange tiles to complete all levels!

Each board in Shrek Sugar Fever is different and extremely fun with the game’s objective changing depending on how advanced you are and how well you score with the puzzles. Beat all the boards and land the sweetest world ranking.

Match the tiles of the same color and combine boosters for amazing combos to blast your way through Far Far Away.

In other levels, you can focus your skills on rescuing Shrek's friends. Match 2 or more squares near Pinocchio, Donkey, The Three Little Pigs or Gingy, to be able to rescue them and clear the board!

Unlock original power-ups while solving the enigmatic and epic puzzles that often have a hidden message on the board. Beware of Shrek gases, for this Ogre does not understand manners ...

Defeat Lord Farquaad, the great villain of the kingdom, in the boss mode using the power-ups and will reap a great victory to end the witch’s curse!



Unlock more than 200 levels and match, blast, smash, and swipe your way through over 7 exciting maps!


Match together 2 or more colorful tiles in addictive smashing gameplay! Play companion levels to rescue Shrek’s friends from their sweet fever, including Donkey, Gingy, Pinocchio and the Three Little Pigs!


Login with Facebook to send and receive lives to your friends and compete against their progress on the map. Save your progress, play with a multi-device login, and share on your Facebook wall when you beat a level or surpass a friend’s score.


Discover why flatulence is a good thing and explore other gassy boosts! Donkey has double the sweets he needs to smash, so how will you use this to your advantage and rescue the gang?


Vanquish Lord Farquaad in boss mode with special POWER UPS that will ensure you don’t come up short!

Shrek Sugar Fever is a free casual puzzle game for all ages, but you have the option to buy in-game items in exchange for real money. If you prefer not to use this function, disable in-app purchases in the settings on your device.

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Version: 4.1 and up