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Alchemy Craft: Magic Potion Maker. Cooking Games

Alchemy Craft: Magic Potion Maker. Cooking Games

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Alchemy Craft: Magic Potion Maker. Cooking Games
Alchemy Craft: Magic Potion Maker. Cooking Games

The description of Alchemy Craft: Magic Potion Maker. Cooking Games

Do you know how to make your own potion? It’s time for some brewing, crafting & building in a little alchemy lab! Become a witch - a magic potion maker - and try your luck in one the newest cooking games!

What sorcery is this?!
Ever wondered of being an alchemist, herbalist or sorcerer’s apprentice? Now you can stop wondering and start playing Alchemy Craft! It’s one of the newest cooking games, which lets you become a witch - a cooking chef in the faery kitchen somewhere in the blocky cube fantasy forest!

Crafting & building a little alchemy lab
Your crafting & building adventure starts somewhere in the fantasy forest. As a former sorcerer’s apprentice - now promoted to the witch - you’ve to design and build your own home. A home for the magic potion maker! Crafting & building a home was never so fun! Build a cozy witch hut and furnish it with chairs, tables and all the alchemy tools, that your little alchemy lab needs to work!

Exploration mode - mine resources, craft from herbs!
No alchemist can work without ingredients! Enter the exploration mode to gather herbs and other resources! Mine silver ore from the old mine and craft make the magic potion of might! Look for mandragora to brew the most toxic poison ever! Add a powdered horn of little unicorn or claw of little dragon to gain even more powerful elixir. Travel to different locations and use the exploration mode to make the best magic potion and reach a new level of your witchcraft! Only in Alchemy Craft!

Trade magic potions for gold!
Put your magic elixir on a counter and trade it for gold and gems! Your witch hut can be visited by great pixel heroes and adventurers! Usually they’re on an epic adventure to kill a magic dragon or something like that… Help them by crafting and cooking magic potion! Make a dark elixir - a natural herbal cure for any disease, or… a love potion, which make the mermaid princess fall in love with a hero!

Improve your little alchemy lab!
Alchemy Craft lets you earn gems and gold coins to improve skills and your little alchemy lab! Soon you don’t need any potion brewing guide. Don’t ask how to make a potion and leave this doodle - alchemy books with powerful brewing recipes are waiting for you! Unlock them and make potions that will make you the most powerful witch in the forest! No other alchemy games let you experience this! In Alchemy Craft crafting & building games meet with best features of cooking games and alchemy games!

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Version: Android 4.1 and higher