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Kingroute origin

Kingroute origin

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Kingroute origin
Kingroute origin
Kingroute origin

The description of Kingroute origin

A unique mixture of three genres - 3 in a row, clicker and time management! All your favorite games fit in one!

For many years now, the inhabitants of a small nation have been attacked by a huge fire-breathing dragon, which burns their homes, carries sorrow and destruction. Settlers live with the dream of a large castle, settling in which the dragon will not be able to reach them. They can live in happiness and peace, without fear of anything. But to build it, they need to work hard. And for this they need you! Only, you, you can bring people to prosperity, establish industry and build this castle!

Grab resources with clicks in the remote corners of your kingdom. Work them in more valuable, build and improve the various buildings. Swap tools, trade in the market, search for hidden treasures, use magic and do not let the dragon attack your possessions.

❖ You have a pick, a shovel, an ax and a braid at your disposal.
❖ 16 types of resources.
❖ More than 25 different unique buildings.
❖ Various colorful locations.
❖ Atmospheric music.

Do not sleep! The dragon does not slumber and always waits for an opportunity to attack your settlement. The destroyed buildings will have to be repaired. After all while they are on fire - improvement or production of resources is impossible.

Ahead is an interesting adventure! Full of new discoveries and victories. You are already waiting for the inhabitants of your kingdom, let's play!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher