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Pipes game: Free puzzle for adults and kids

Pipes game: Free puzzle for adults and kids

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The description of Pipes game: Free puzzle for adults and kids

Pipes are a simple and addictive puzzle. The essence of the game is very simple - you need to lay the pipeline using the existing pipes on the playing field. But a simple game, already and not so simple, we added unique game mechanics and made it a masterpiece in the genre of puzzles with pipes.

If you play such puzzles as a plumber, pipeline, flow, our game "Pipes" will be a perfect addition to your collection of puzzles.

Features of the game and unique mechanics:

• unique story missions
• vertical location of the playing field
• pipes of various shapes
• fixed tubes on the playing field
• Damaged pipes that need to be repaired
• the pipes are fixed with fasteners
• Wrenches and couplings
• and many more interesting things

We have prepared wonderful stories so that you not only solve puzzles, but you can also enjoy the exquisite style of our designers.

Mission "City"

This is the first mission in the game, you act as a plumber. Dozens of homes, hospitals, office buildings, schools, thousands of apartments require connection to water supply. Well, how are the tasks? I think it's time to start.

Mission "Plant"

The old pipelines are completely rotten and no longer suitable for use. Build new pipelines to restore the enterprise. Dozens and hundreds of complex solutions that you have to solve in order to build pipelines for the whole plant.

Mission "Elevators"

We have harvested a good crop of cereals this year. It is stored in modern elevators. You need to build pipelines to begin shipping the grain to the train wagons.

Mission "Oil rig"

The oil rig is a very complex facility, with dozens and hundreds of pipelines. The design and construction of such facilities requires great knowledge and experience. We think that you will manage.

Our game requires certain logical skills from the player, as he will need to think about every move, build his own way to lay the pipeline. The game is suitable for those who like puzzles, puzzles for adults, puzzles for the family. The game "Pipes" is also suitable for those who like games for the brain, train the brain or train logic.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher

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