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Core - this is a small glowing "ball" that will tighten you with your head, will open for you a world of cool, exciting offline games with a stylish interface! Download this offline game right now, press the start button, and the "adventures" of the glowing ball around the world of geometric shapes begin!


This game without the Internet is endless. The goal of the arcade Core - to put a personal record, and can even become # 1 among friends, maximally extend the "adventures" of the glowing point. And for this you need to: fly as fast as possible, bend all obstacles on the way and collect bonuses (glowing balls).


To bring a luminous point in motion, it's enough just to press your finger across the screen. The more you press on the screen, the faster the balloon flies.
It is necessary to make this luminous ball go into the rotating figure falling from above and come out of it unharmed. Each figure has one free edge - the entrance to it, it is the same as the exit, which will rotate with it. Therefore, the luminous point must get close to the falling figure, when it is turned by the free side down, and fly out of it when it turns the free side up. all this will need to be done until the figure falls. And this is seconds and a fraction of seconds! You can not touch the faces of figures!

First you will encounter simple triangles and squares, but the further you go up, the harder the figures of this game are without the internet, and the harder it will be to overcome them. There are times when you are not alone, and not two, but many figures. For example, a whole combination of stars, or circles, or any other figures that can not only rotate about their axis, but also move along a completely incomprehensible trajectory with respect to each other, may come upon you. In this case, you have nothing left to do but look for the passage and as quickly as possible jump between them. Just do not forget to collect bonuses - small holy circles!

Sleight of arms and quick reaction! Download the arcade CORE RIGHT NOW, but be careful, because this game without the Internet is addictive!

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher

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