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The description of Ecobalance

Once in the cold world of one planet the sun appeared and all at once shone bright colors. This is the beginning of our story - the history of the world EcoBalance.
The sun was lonely, he had no friends at all and decided it was enough to sit at home. And as soon as she stepped outside her native cell-house, she met three friends. This meeting was so emotional that there was a real "ecobe". He became the beginning of the evolutionary chain - a flower was formed. The time passed, a caterpillar appeared from the flower.
Game characters stopped obstacles - the snake blocked the path to evolution, the tornado took away a strong air vortex of several creatures, the earthquake stirred everything around.
Another happy day: a bird was formed - a symbol of an irresistible lust for life. Birds possessed great wisdom, they knew that they were not the crown of evolution and should move on, so a man was created.
It would seem everything, evolution is complete, the story is over. But no!
Man is a great dreamer whose main goal is to know the universe and discover new planets. In EcoBalance there are three of them, and each of them is unique!
People decided that they had to fight for their dream, they gathered the crew and looked forward to the rocket. And she appeared and flew into space to meet new adventures on other planets!
Aliens were afraid that a person, traveling around the universe and populating the planet with creatures from his native planet, would destroy them. Therefore, they began to kidnap people and, in return, to plant their disguised humanoids. But aliens can be defeated. How? Play and find out!

Game functions:

1) The world of the logical game EcoBalance - these are three planets, each of which has several continents-fields. Each of the game's planets is unique in its cellular geometry. The first planet you fall into is the Earth with fields consisting of hexagonal cells.
2) Natural phenomena such as tornadoes, earthquakes, meteorites and others become a barrier to victory. Also do not forget about the snake, which insidiously tries to prevent to keep balance.
3) Sometimes a UFO arrives on the planet and land aliens. They have a secret. Therefore, the only advice - be careful and do not forget about "ecoboom", because it acts on everyone in this game!
4) It is not necessary to dwell on the launch of three missiles into space. On one continent, the field can be spent as long as desired, setting new records and rising to the first line of the game rating.
5) If it becomes too difficult, you can use the magical help of one of the assistants. But assistants take coins, Ecoins.
6) Collect points and convert them into coins after each launch of the rocket.
7) Compete for the championship with other players of the world EcoBalance, be the best, get Achievements and coins for your successes and learn the results in the high scores table. Become a real pro in achieving world balance!

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Version: Android 4.1 and higher