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AmazeD 3D - Be amazed by your Knowledge !!!

AmazeD 3D - Be amazed by your Knowledge !!!

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The description of AmazeD 3D - Be amazed by your Knowledge !!!

Developed by Retrover Studios

"It isn’t often that something comes along that ends up remaining in your memories, but it is in these memories that we continue to learn and grow".


AmazeD 3D is about a school girl who has got her examination before that for which she feels tensed and this nightmarish mind-set takes her to a world of dreams in which she has to cross each level of obstacles and succeed to end the dream and return to reality. She needs to reach her destination with exact step count using the hints which are the key to unlock levels. If she wins she moves on to the next level and if she fails, she rolls back to the first level of the sequence which needs to be re-played. Each maze has unique hints, the player should understand and predict the path count.
The player will only come to know the guessed path count is correct or wrong only after reaching the destination. Each sequence is crafted uniquely with various landscapes styles, obstacles and weather conditions. This game has more than 8 different kinds of obstacles each has unique styles in preventing the girl from reaching her destination.In short it is a 3D runner path finding game.


Featuring a total of 64 levels spread out over 8 sequences, each with their own set of hints to help players find the answer. The game has a single character, but various outfits that will change along with each sequence change. Wearing a different outfit in each sequence keeps the character in style along with the current sequences scenery.
A player will load into the level and be given their first two hints. If a player is unable to get the answer from the first two hints, they can use an in-game coin to unlock a third, much more obvious, hint.
The answer will always be a number which will be the number of spaces the player must move, exactly, while going from the start to the end of the level.
There are also challenges and obstacles to overcome, so don’t think that finding the answer is all you need to accomplish. From simply blocking a path to actually taking out the player, these challenges will require timing and patience to get through unh


- Intuitive Clue system to help find answers to the puzzles.
- Credit system to help you prolong the course of the game for the ultimate fun adventurous experience.
- Diverse landscapes and climatic conditions to create a sense of visual appeal to the game.
-Different character outfits to make the game feel fresh every time you play.
-A badass obstacle course that will hinder your progress with its own level of complexity.

Dive-in to experience this fantasy world by yourself.

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Version: 5.0 and up

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