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Derby Demolition

Derby Demolition

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Derby Demolition

The description of Derby Demolition

Get ready for the ultimate arcade racer! How long can you survive the arena? Smell the petrol fumes and enjoy the carnage!
Derby Demolition can be dangerous but it’s also the most fun to wreck into other cars! Deliberately destroy other cars in the #1 Demolition Derby game on Android now!

- Awesome environments: Derby Arena, snow arena, football ground, Dirt Track, concrete arena, Grassy Park, Ice Skate Arena and many more with realistic effect of enviornment .
- Realistic car destruction, damage deformation and debris simulation
- Choose between three thoroughbred all american muscle cars
- Choose and modify your control system to facilitate your driving style
- Intense high speed racing action
- Stunning 3D graphics and great sound effects

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1+