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Army Truck Offroad Simulator

Army Truck Offroad Simulator

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Army Truck Offroad Simulator

The description of Army Truck Offroad Simulator

Become a professional military driver in our offroad simulator!
Drive the army truck from one military point to another. Complete army orders. Do it in time and don't hit the truck. Try the power of a big army truck with offroad simulator. Be fast, other military men are waiting for your truck. Use a navigation map to find a military base. Find new offroad ways to drive your military truck in simulator. Earn money and buy a new army truck.

Features of Army Truck Offroad Simulator:

- Easy drive controls
- Powerful army truck
- Offroad terrain simulator
- Military missions
- Time limit
- Great 3D graphics
- Real sounds simulator

Drive to complete army tasks and explore offroad terrains with mud, hills and other obstacles. Test your offroad driving skills with the military simulator. It is not easy. Get ready for challenging offroad missions. Drive an army truck and do offroad military tasks. Even if you aren't military in real life, you can drive military truck in the Army Truck Offroad Simulator. Drive across different offroad terrain and enjoy the offroad atmosphere. Drive fast and carefully and don't hit your military truck in the big forest. Feel like a real offroad driver with our simulator!

Fight with rough offroad terrain. Test the power of army truck. Deep into the offroad military atmosphere. Do you like offroad terrains? So, it is time to try our Army Truck Offroad Simulator. Drive to feel the offroad power of army truck. Drive without roads, climb hills, fight with forest in the simulator. A great offroad simulator for military men!

Drive like a professional army truck driver with our simulator, forget about good roads. Jump to the cabin of military truck, drive fast to be in time and don't hit army truck. Drive your army truck and complete all military orders in the simulator.

It is great and pretty hard drive simulator! Learn how to drive military truck and be accurate.
Today is the best day to drive an army truck in our simulator.
Try our Army Truck Offroad Simulator.
Drive with us and face military adventures!

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3.2+