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REAL Fast Car Racing

REAL Fast Car Racing

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REAL Fast Car Racing

The description of REAL Fast Car Racing

So you have raced through the traffic on the city street asphalt... How well will you drift on the crazy concept track? Take the challenge and become the best racer - this time, on different terrain! Feel the thrill of racing in a futuristic environment that goes beyond your wildest dreams - with realistic driving physics!

Beware, the competition is stiff. Your rivals among the traffic are fast, mean, and furious - they will try to mercilessly crush you, doing everything to stop you from finishing the race. Choose your favorite racing or concept car, race across 2 different tracks and 4 kinds of races, and enjoy next-gen graphics and realistic racing physics and driving controls. The world is your playground!

Take the challenge and drive. Reach the finish line and get the best times possible. Download REAL Fast Car Racing: Asphalt Road & Crazy Track
free from Google Play Store now!

The different stages will also have various track properties. They will all provide a different driving feel. Get a proper feel for all of them and make the competition eat your dust! Will you become the best racer of all?

Some of the best cars the world has ever had are now in your garage. Choose 1 out of 12 cars and take it out on a cool, extreme drive like never before!

The rivals among the traffic are mean monsters, ready to take you out of the race through different means. Their cars will try their hardest to beat you up - all to take the victory for themselves. Beat them in their own game, or simply try to drift and outrace them all... It's all up to you. How well of a racer will you be?
Minimum Requirement :
2GB RAM | Android 4.0 or later | Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU | GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 is recommended

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Version: 4.1+