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4X4 OffRoad Jeep Hill Driving

4X4 OffRoad Jeep Hill Driving

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4X4 OffRoad Jeep Hill Driving
4X4 OffRoad Jeep Hill Driving
4X4 OffRoad Jeep Hill Driving

The description of 4X4 OffRoad Jeep Hill Driving

Get ready for the most realistic driving challenges!
Do you like off road games? Do you want to play the 4x4 off road jeep hill driving? If you are waiting for these type of jeep games , then your wait has come to an end because we are introducing the most addictive and excited off road jeep for you , so get ready for the off road jeep hill driving which is presented by BLEEDING EDGE .
Select your favorite off road jeep; drive it through a beautiful hilly forest and huge mountains. There are 8 levels which are full of fun, stunt and many more. Drive your off road jeep and go to some specific point. There are many off road hill tracks where you can drive you extreme off road jeep. You can drive your 4x4 jeep on the road, off road track of hills and mountains so get ready to enjoy all that. You can perform stunts and race with the other off road jeeps like asphalt. We are giving you a full pack of excitement. Do you want to take all this excitement?
Enjoy this Off-road Jeep hill drive. Do you want to learn off road driving skills or do you want to drive these expensive luxury jeeps on hill and mountain? Use your driving skills and drive your 4x4 and perform different stunts and be an off road 4x4 jeep driver. There will a racing challenge in different off road tracks and you will have to be careful because there will be land sliding if you will touch the stone then you will lose the level. You have to be on time because the clock is ticking and you have to leave behind the clock needles. Stay away from construction area because some workers are working on the side of the off-road track. Stay away from the heavy vehicles which are coming to you if you will lose your control then you will be crushed by the other heavy vehicles and traffic so be careful.
Amazing concepts and Car physics behind this off road jeep hill driving.
4x4 Off-road Hill car simulator is an open world of 4x4 off road jeep simulator where you can experience the 4x4 in a hill climb environment by performing extreme stunts
4X4 Off-road Jeep Hill Driving Features:
• Outstanding challenges in each level
• Free open world 4x4 off-road hill climbing.
• Amazing graphics and smooth physics simulation
• Real time reflections and superb 4x4 off-road vehicles
• Wonderful 3D graphics design bringing reality in game
• Exciting 4x4 jeeps like Hummer, Range Rover and Pickups embellished with attractive colors
• Smooth and Easy Controls
Your feedback is very important so that we can improve our gameplay . We have given you a lot of things in a very limited pack so enjoy the game from the BLEEDING EDGE GAMES.

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Version: Android 2.3 and higher