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Furious 7: Racing

Furious 7: Racing

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Furious 7: Racing
Furious 7: Racing
Furious 7: Racing

The description of Furious 7: Racing

Furious Racing fun and exciting sports car racing simulator game. Classic race, countdown, disassembled and drift game modes like fast cars drive in a collection of some of the City streets. This incredibly realistic race car driving simulation game super fast race cars cool and exciting, full of dynamic competition levels.
Cars, credit earn bonuses bowl and whisk to beat the other challengers upgrade cars with heavier steel than yours. Its up to you that
were trained how to control this metal part. You have to beat the current challenge to open the other lock. There are a total of 6 different car, you can change their
colors and upgrade them using the three-level upgrade kits. But the most important thing, so very kits that earn credits to buy. Changing the color of your car
It is free for all vehicles.
Realistic Car:
Asphalt runway 7 is fast, beautiful cars crawl. , Began his career races and earn enough to buy a new car for a more challenging competitive races.
Unique car started driving - reality and computer games never seen before in an asphalt road.
Listen & Upgrades
Car parts (top speed, acceleration and endurance) Buy and upgrade your car. Automatically customize and adapt to your driving style. If you want pure speed or acceleration matter - you change the style of the car and can win their races. Acceleration and nitro boost, body respray, new engine assembly - which do you prefer Choose your car and buy one of your dreams. The city is the fastest drivers and earn respect from other teams. Who showed them the real car racer.
Realistic City
Illegal race Universe is waiting for you. City race in different modes in hazardous asphalt runway. With incredible speed show that rivals the best real competition. Neon between attain the highest possible speed, incredible turn, Tokyo real nice street, pass the modern buildings.
Furious Racing king of the street and you will be a great help to them to be the best driver, offers a fun game experience. So other racers against some realistic super excited to get into the race car and the steering wheel, then it will be very exciting to play Angry Race!
- Stunning 3D graphics
- Smooth and realistic car handling
- Various new car choice: sports cars, roadsters, muscle cars!
- Detailed environmental
- NPC racers rich varieties
- Paint and basic customization by other means
- Tilt to Steer
- To slow down the brake button touch
- Buy a better car for better use
- The faster you drive, the more points
- 100 KMH on progress,
Are you ready for the challenge? Show your friends that looks like a speed demon!
Furious Race will be constantly updated. The rate and give feedback to further improve the game.

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Version: Android 2.3 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[28 MB]