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Pony Craft Unicorn Car Racing - Boy Girl Driving

Pony Craft Unicorn Car Racing - Boy Girl Driving

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Pony Craft Unicorn Car Racing - Boy Girl Driving
Pony Craft Unicorn Car Racing - Boy Girl Driving
Pony Craft Unicorn Car Racing - Boy Girl Driving

The description of Pony Craft Unicorn Car Racing - Boy Girl Driving

Pony Car Racing is an exciting, exhilarating, high octane FREE endless racing game for Girls and Boys of all ages. Specifically designed for children and families who want to unlock and play as the coolest Pony Horse drivers in the most exciting racing cars!

Pony Car Racing Features

- Race, Jump, boost and drift past obstacles in the city!
- Drive over massive ramps and perform awesome racing stunts
- Unlock a total of 8 different Pony drivers!
- Race in 10 different cars!
- Equip the daredevil helmet to smash right through obstacles
- Collect exciting boosts for your car to help you reach the highscore
- Upgrade the boosts for your vehicle with coins in the shop!
- Come back to race each day and unlock exclusive rewards
- Amazing 3D graphics
- Regular FREE updates with new cars and ponies!

Drift around obstacles, boost past corners and race to the finish line with your favourite ponies in Pony Car Racing, an exciting endless racing simulator game.

Experience realistic acceleration as your Unicorn Car becomes faster as you race for longer. This means that Pony Car Racing only gets more and more exciting as you duck, spin and drift around a variety of obstacles such as piles of tyres, petrol pumps and even traffic! Will you be able to race to victory through the city streets?

Be sure to collect as many coins as possible in this pony driving simulator game as you race through the streets, and even receive bonus coins for performing awesome stunts! The city is full of massive ramps for you to launch off, and both awesome stunts and bonus coins are waiting for you in the sky. Control your turbo horse racing car as you glide through the air avoiding traffic on the streets and try to collect as many bonus coins as you can before you land.

Pony Car Racing not only features fast unicorn race cars, but also extra boosts for those fast race cars! Collect as many boosts as you can so that you can perform even cooler stunts such as flipping your car in the air as you jump over street signs. Become the best pony driver today. Street racing has never been so exhilarating!

Being a stunt race driver is dangerous, and it is important to keep your Pony driver safe in Pony Car Racing! Collect or spend coins to purchase daredevil helmets for your pony driver, and use these to keep on racing and driving even after crashing! Don’t forget to pack as many helmets as you can if you are aiming to reach the highscore.

Coins are awesome! And this is why there are so many to collect in Pony Car Racing. Be sure to visit the shop after each race to unlock new ponies, new cars and even new paint styles for your car! There is always something new to spend your coins on. As well as vehicles, you can improve your current cars by upgrading your boosts, this will cause your boosts to last longer or have a more potent effect. Will you be able to unlock everything, including the fastest car on the streets - the Turbo GT?

Be sure to come back and race in this driving simulator everyday so that you can unlock the exclusive and awesome daily rewards. These will help to ensure that you are the first pony to reach the finish line!

Pony Car Racing has been carefully designed for boys, girls and families to have ultimate fun!

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Version: Android 4.1 and higher