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Full drift racing

Full drift racing

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Full drift racing
Full drift racing
Full drift racing

The description of Full drift racing

Compete with other drivers on many tracks, learn to drift like a pro, form a team and become a legend with your team mates! We'll give you a car to start your racing career and there's a nice selection of cars for later. Every car is different, find out which one is best for you!

Races, Seasons and Achievements

Earn coins by finishing races, faring well in seasons and making achievements. With coins you'll be able to buy new cars and tune up your dream drifting car.


Level up in classes from Driving School all the way to Master. Action gets more intense and rewards grow higher in later classes and you'll get access to new tracks, online multiplayer and teams.

Car Tuning

Tune up your car to increase performance and install a turbo or NOS to make it even faster! Paint cars to suit your style. Tuning couldn't get much easier!

Full-featured Online Multiplayer Racing

Race online with other players and earn Ranking Points! With higher Ranking Points you'll be able to join advanced teams. Chat with other online players is available as well.

Teams and Team Rankings

Join or create a team and start racing Team Seasons against other teams together with your teammates. Boosters can also be traded with the team.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher