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Fast Car Driving

Fast Car Driving

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Fast Car Driving
Fast Car Driving
Fast Car Driving
Fast Car Driving

The description of Fast Car Driving

Want to be the fastest car racer? Try this super car drifting game and go speed drifting!

Enjoy fast racing on racing cars and enjoy endless matches!

Challenge the more difficult track and become the strongest drift racing driver!

Game Features:
● a variety of classic off-road racing:
15 powerful off-road racing cars, whether it is a power-type high chassis rally car or a speed-type low chassis racing car, as long as you like, you can drive here;
● Personalized racing performance modification:
4 custom car performance settings: You can make some performance adjustments to your car based on your driving habits, including adjusting the transmission, suspension system, crash bar, and body height. These personality adjustments are free and do not need to spend game coins;
4 retrofit upgrade systems: You can use the gold coins earned in the game to upgrade the four racing parts such as turbine, brake, exhaust, and suspension, so that the performance of the car in power, braking and control can be significantly improved. , More difficult to complete a difficult speed drift;
● High quality 3D graphics and realistic background sounds:
Smooth game screen, when you perform continuous drift from multiple angles, the picture is smooth and non-stopping. The most advanced multi-view playback system allows you to watch your every game repeatedly and help you improve your skills.
Shocking background music, perfect to take you into the rally off-road racing game scene, the most real car engine sound effects, body sounds from the actual rally car engine;
● No network required:
All levels can be played downstream in the offline state, without any network, anytime, anywhere, want to play and enjoy the thrill of speed brought you.

If you like racing drift games, then download Fast Car Driving

Advanced game engine, take you to experience the new racing game!

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3 and up