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LA Stories 4 New Order Sandbox 2018

LA Stories 4 New Order Sandbox 2018

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LA Stories 4 New Order Sandbox 2018

The description of LA Stories 4 New Order Sandbox 2018

Welcome to LA Crime! This is a huge city that does not accept lovers of a calm, measured life. Thanks to gangsta territorial attacks, life in the city is aimed at constant struggle for a place under the sun.

Standard LA Crime in the open world returns to the luxurious and vicious L A. Here is everything you need the legend of the underworld: a huge fleet of cars, motorcycles, boats, which are provided with realistic physics ....

LA Crime attracts any scum who wants to make money illegally, here you can meet a criminal from every corner of the world and for every taste. What is new in this beautiful city, which in History 4 The new order has become even steeper! The updated textures in the game turn LA Crime into a lively and dynamic city that will overwhelm you headlong into a realistic city where life and vice are in full swing. Passing story missions in new areas of the city, enjoy realistic graphics of the winter city, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the New Year holidays. Understand with all competitors, become a leader in a criminal city and do not give a single chance to small gangs.

Game features:
• improved graphic models of characters and wheelbarrows
• full freedom of action
• a huge variety of weapons
• unlimited sea of ​​gameplay
• games without internet
• added additional image customization features
• the clearest mission races

Do not dream of a quiet return home after work, the gang of the world is waiting for you in LA Crime Stories 4 New order. Take the smartphone in hand and forward to settle all the criminal issues in the game - the base and a couple of dozen grenades to help you!