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Evo creo

Evo creo

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Evo creo
Evo creo
Evo creo

The description of Evo creo

Play EvoCreo for free!

You are waiting for the adventure in the country Zenith, filled with monsters called Creo.

Fight and trade with friends on different platforms.

Test your abilities in the first arena in this demo version of EvoCreo.

Go to the full version of the game to unlock all the features of EvoCreo.

The full version of the game includes:

- More than 130 monsters, which can be captured and developed!
- Full animation of monsters and characters.
- The vast open world of Creo for exploration.
- Legendary story adventure lasting more than 40 hours.
- Support for cross-platform compatibility allows you to fight and trade with friends playing from other devices.
- Compete against other Evokers and become the best master-evoker!
- Change the movements, appearance and abilities of your Creo, adapting them to your strategy!

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0 and higher

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