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Battle lands: The clash of epic heroes

Battle lands: The clash of epic heroes

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The description of Battle lands: The clash of epic heroes

Welcome to Battle Lands: The Clash of Epic Heroes!
New multiplayer with turn-based battles.

In this world there are no elves, magicians and fireballs!
All issues are resolved by force, cunning and steel.

- Fastest turn-based battles;
- Skirmishes with live players;
- Combinations of different heroes in the detachment;
- Combinations of different skills;
- Improved armor and weapons;
- Development of combat skills for each character;
- Ability to create your own unique squad.

- Fight against players from all over the world;
- Learn different tactics of combat and destroy opponents;
- Receive awards, gold and other trophies;
- Improve the characters and their skills;
- Explore the map;
- Win in the battles for territories;
- Get valuable items exploring the conquered territories.

The game is ideal for people who like step-by-step battles and do not want to spend a lot of time on long games.

No tedious murder of monsters.
Battling for locations on the map, you will play with live players!

You will find many different places for battles! Such as: a forest, a cave, a dungeon, a village, an arena or a swamp.

Win and receive rewards, chests, gold, crystals, materials, resources, maps and scrolls of skills. Kraft will help you improve the weapons and armor of your fighters.

An internet connection is required.

Download on Google Play
Version: Android 4.1 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[83 MB]