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Fantasy blade

Fantasy blade

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Fantasy blade
Fantasy blade
Fantasy blade

The description of Fantasy blade

Built on Unity 3D, Fantasy Blade displays a great Open World of Myth. Choose your favorite champion, start you adventurous journey, meet your side by side friends and create a new history. As a hot-blooded MMORPG mobile game, this grand and legendary game has all sorts of fierce PVP and PVE fighting. Weapons have no limitation for a specific class. Hundreds of weapons including Axe, Dual Blade, Bow and Fists can be switched immediately as per your need.


- Grand Open World, Perfected for Mobile –
Fantasy Blade is in a leading place in MMORPG, with detailed characters, fluid animations, large-scale maps and wonderful buildings. The brilliant 3D graphics and special effects put you right in the middle of the battle.

- Advanced Weapon Switching Design –
Unlike other games, Fantasy Blade has no limitation of class and weapon. As per your satisfaction and requirement, you can use any weapons you like.

- Join Your Friends in Fierce Team Battles –
Call up your powerful allies into a battle. Interact with friends and set special tactic against your opponents. Team up with your friends in a guild and soon you will create your own league. Fantasy Blade is the new happy hour for you and your mates.

- Interesting Features for Spare Time –
In Fantasy Blade, when you don’t want to have fierce conflict, just go to God’s Trial, Tower of Babel, BOSS Siege, relaxing Fishing and so on. Fresh funny events will kill your boring time.

- Intense Live PVP Experience–
1 vs. 1, team vs. team, or guild vs guild. Fight for honor and glory!

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0.3 and higher