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Xeno gate

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Xeno gate
Xeno gate
Xeno gate

The description of Xeno gate

Sheltered by the Destiny Goddess, the Easter Land had been in peace for 1000 years until the Queen of Demon Andariel breached the wards of light and leaded her Chaos Legion to invade. Thus, creatures corrupt... Gods fall... the fires of war spread. Easter Land sank into endless darkness. At the same time, the Xenogate intertwined with the emblem of the world's final destiny has opened, with more than 200 heroes travelling through time and space. Your own Fantasy, the journey of saving the world is about to start.

【Game Intro】
Brand new RPG mobile game adopted manga style and unique vertical combat mode. For the clash with the evil, over 200 popular heroes of high power have joined the league and clans. The war across time and space begins in no time.
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【Game Feature】
1. Real ACG experience, fabulous artworks of characters and Japanese voice actors let you enjoy playing in different dimension.
2. Easy rules, upgrade automatically. Only takes taps to start the battle of 24 hours nonstop offline. Good for survival.
3. Over hundreds of heroes in different era have joined in game and been waiting for your summon, Naruto, Ichigo, Saber, Kenshin, Sasuke and more High Star Heroes. The wars across the time and space will be triggered at any time.
4. Plenty of ways to play: Roguelike, team battle, loot Ores and World Boss, with 12v12 multiplayer fight.
5. No stamina limit, play dungeons as you like without Top Up.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0.3 and higher