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Wrath of dragon

Wrath of dragon

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Wrath of dragon
Wrath of dragon
Wrath of dragon

The description of Wrath of dragon

the best stories of heroism have not been created so far! The Wrath of the Dragon opens the doors to this great universe!
- Wrath of the Dragon with the latest weapons in the RPG genre will find a chance!
- Choose a character from the developing world, the dragon will move to a new horizon!
- will reach its peak with excitement in real time battles where you can dissect everything in front of you in this fantastic world!
- Do you have to fight your friends to join the dungeon, you will face your opponents in the arena of war and siege, if you want to!
- This application downloads and the application offers completely free to play some of them can be purchased at will.

★ Look up heroes and features that can vary depending on the equipment !!
- Heroes fighter character, witch change with four different classes, killer and archer.
- Hundreds of items and equipment that you can make your character with unique!
- Installation of completed products can become more powerful.
- You can customize the way your character is in accordance with your game!
- Detailed characters and the fight against fluid animation will be more intense and more serious than you experienced before!

# Can be used as a passenger, accompanying you in combat and hundreds of mercenaries who attack!
- Choose a strategy based on two mercenaries team can fight your hero character in the creation on the battlefield.
- each has its own advanced training and mercenaries degree, the property of these skills are increasing.
- Choose a legendary mercenary and use help!

# Heroes and a rapid increase in the level of Mercenaries!
- The level of your mercenaries with your hero, as you can quickly increase your mercenary can also raise your hero's level in a sequential order.
- 4 teams, you can create your own army with 12 characters for use in the siege.
S is the most powerful weapon to win! Skill combo !!
- Dozens of skills and abilities to actively interact with your combos can become more powerful!

# Different battle modes, unlimited excitement!
- You can enter the ranking of the results of this fight to protect yourself from competitors from around the world! You can also get prizes based on your ability to improve your ranking!
- Never get bored with each other from different combat modes; Siege of War, 1: 1 Heroes of War 3: War of Heroes 3, Alien Wars, Union Wars, dungeons and much more can unlimited muscle.

# The most beautiful place to start your adventure; City center!
- The city is an ideal place to meet other players and your friends clan is open to all players. Here you can also get special assignments.

Wrath of the Dragon

1. 4 Hero and has 300 different types of mercenary strategic action RPG
2. 20 different heroes and hired skills
3. Team Battle, Hero of the Battle, Siege War and Guild Wars PvP battle modes, differing from each other, as
4. Classes Warrior, Sorcerer, Assassin and Archer
5. A fantastic fight with 20 different hero skills
6. More than 300 types of mercenaries
7. 200 different battlegrounds
8. Real-time combat and real-time raids
9 other activity every day dungeon

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.1 and higher