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Beyond: Mystical war

Beyond: Mystical war

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Beyond: Mystical war
Beyond: Mystical war
Beyond: Mystical war

The description of Beyond: Mystical war

Ancient factions throughout the centuries are fighting for sources of magic and wealth - the Places of Power. Join one of the clans and travel the streets of your city in search of adventure. Collect artifacts, seize the Places of Power and defeat the enemies!

RPG "Beyond: Mystical War" is a new geolocation game with elements of augmented reality (ar gps game). This MMO RPG with the open world in Russian, you have not seen!

Choose Side
Werewolves, vampires, hunters or witches - everyone has their own unique abilities. Choose, on whose side will you be?

Explore new territories
Now your city is a fantastic world that is filled with mysterious caves with hiding places, undead and much more. Each character in the game is the same user as YOU! Find the first and seize all the places of power - show who is in your city's main!

Defeat the enemies
Participate in duels for two! Choose a weapon that will help you win.

Develop and create
Pump up your character to improve his skills. Find new artifacts and weapons or create them in the Workshop.

Communicate with users in an open chat. Cooperate and trade with other players to achieve your goal

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 3.0 and higher