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Heavenly saber

Heavenly saber

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Heavenly saber
Heavenly saber
Heavenly saber

The description of Heavenly saber

Heavenly Saber is arriving. Wield your sword, defend your honor! Fight your own battles, destroy demons and evil monsters with your friends. Equip yourself with majestic mounts, sharp blades, and even a mystic fairy to guide you. Inherit precious Artifacts and powerful martial arts, experience war firsthand! Unveil the Arena, release your passion! Fight against Bosses, fight for glory and honor! Various features, incredible gameplay, immense environments. Fight as a lone warrior or a worthy teammate. Unite factions with a Guild and take over all! Make your own call, dive into a world of passion and adventure!

1.Levelup Your Character
Unlock various skills by leveling up. Each class has its own skill tree. Collect different Companions and Mounts to help build up your combat power.

2.Create or Join a Guild
There are various guild activities such as: Equipment Exchange, Guild Feast, Guild Boss, Guild Pack, Guild Tournament.

3.Attire Collection
Themes for collectible attire: Big Sis, Cute Girl, Mr. Right, etc. Collect them all to gain bonus stats!

4.Marriage System
Yes, you may get married in the game. You may even invite all your in-game friends to your wedding!

5.PvP Battles
Solo Arena and Guild vs Guild Battlefield. If that doesn't satisfy you, come join the free for all war zone where you will be able to fight thousands of other players. Rally the strongest guilds for siege battle. Take territories and cities for your guild!
Boss Loot
Wanna get rare equipment? Slay World Bosses to get legendary weapon and armor.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0 and higher