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Fighting elf

Fighting elf

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Enter the game and defend the land of Oslo with us!
●Thousands of party formations and manual Skills usage in battle!
●Cross-Server PVP: Battle For Glory
●New Nightmare BOSSes! Team up with your friends to conquer the forces of evil!
●Beautiful art work and detailed special effects.
●Complete Upgrade Social System with authentic maps, and new marriage system
●Guild battle is open! Fight alongside your guildmates in territory contest!

[Game Features]
-Ever-changing Strategies-
Elves with unique characteristics and hundreds of skills to choose from
Strategic Elf combos and strong formations
Real-time battle that allows you to turn the tables with Ults at a crucial point

-Complete Upgrade Social System-
Authentic maps that introduce you to a land of magic
An up-to-date chat system which supports offline messages and voice chat
A complete marriage system that may help you find your significant other!
Powerful BOSS that requires united efforts of you and your friends!

-Intense Guild Battle-
Fight alongside your guildmates for the same goal: victory!
Devote yourself to your own Guild in territory contest!

-Awakening of Dragon Rider-
Defeat legendary dragon and collect Dragon Souls,
Absorb dragon power to master the secret of dragon rider and turn yourself into a dragon!
What’s future of the Dragon Clan? Falling? Rising? It’s all up to you!

-Rich & Fair Gameplay-
Plunder in Secret Escort for bountiful rewards!
Win in Cross-server Arena for glory and trophies!
Reach the peak of Arena to view the best scenery!
Climb to the top of Elf Ladder and show yourself to the world!

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0.3 and higher