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Wolf World Multiplayer

Wolf World Multiplayer

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Wolf World Multiplayer

The description of Wolf World Multiplayer

Wolf World Multiplayer has finally arrived! Get ready to face off against real players, in real time. Control your own customizable Wolf and take on any challengers. Yes, thats right. Its finally here!

Hint 1: Looks for the "X" on the multiplayer map. Those are the other players.

Hint 2 : Play the offline map to build up your skill points and magic. Collect all the magic elements in the offline map in order to craft your special powers. Upgrade your speed, strength, and stamina. This is the place you build up your strength and skill level.

Don't forget to eat and drink!

Challenge other players in real time. Be the last Wolf to survive and score a victory point.

Team up and take down Giant bosses

Hunt animals to keep your hunger levels up
Drink water so you don't dehydrate.

Top Game Features:
-- Multiplayer Wolf Game
-- Play head to head against real players around the world
-- Real-time action
-- Includes Off-line map to build experience and magic
-- Upgrade your abilities to have a better change at winning

Other enemies include Bears, Epic Ice Elementals, Deer, Dragons, Tigers

Multiplayer is a new series of games we created at Wild Foot. We've taken all your suggestions and tried to combine them into this game. 3D animal simulation at its best.

We would really love to hear from you. Be sure and stop by our Facebook page:
https://www.facebook.com/wildfootgames for updates. 
 We welcome your constructive criticism. Please email your suggestions. Our focus is making creative games with animals and magic. Animal simulators with something special added. Good luck and have a Wildfoot day!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.0.3 +