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The description of Xevorel

Xevorel, the evil itself, threatens the world with his armies swarming from dimensional portals. People packed a bunch of heroes and gently kicked them into the brawl to face the menace. Survive the invasion and slay the root of all evil.

Grow your heroes by upgrading traits. Choose your combat styles by selecting different offensive and defensive skills. Enhance your power by equipping the best items. Customize characters with cool and unique skins. Find your way to fight the evil in story mode, roguelike dungeons, endless wave combats and co-op adventures or challenge your friends in catchy PVP battles.

Be ready to save the world!

System requirements

64-bit Android Lollipop or more recent
200MB free storage space
2GB RAM or more
GPU Adreno 330 or better

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: 4.4 and up