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Tractor Farm Simulator Game

Tractor Farm Simulator Game

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Tractor Farm Simulator Game

The description of Tractor Farm Simulator Game

Are you interested in tractor and agricultural machinery? If your answer is yes, you can have a very enjoyable time with you.

With our farm simulator game, you will perform various agricultural works with different tractor models. A wide range of trailer models is available in this game.

Farming Farm Simulator How to play?
- When you first start the game menu, two alternatives are offered to you, the first one is the task mode, the second is the free mode.
-When you select Task mode, the game will start from section 1. Control the character and go to the tractor seat and press the button on the screen to sit on the steering seat
- Follow the green markings indicating your directions.
- If there is a trailer on the trailer with tractors, you can empty the load by touching the down - up buttons when you reach the destination point. So you can pass the other pane.

All you have to do in the field is to go to the wheel and start harvesting. The only thing you need to pay attention to is, move the transported loads to the destination point and pay attention to the specified time. We wish good games already.

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1 and up