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Real Truck Truck Simulator

Real Truck Truck Simulator

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Real Truck Truck Simulator

The description of Real Truck Truck Simulator

We have published our real driving game with the best and real features in truck driving simulation games.
Inspired by the real truck and truck, the game is a very satisfying way of driving with a truck driving atmosphere.

In our Truck Simulator game, there is a large playground. Factories, harbors, towns and so on ... Wide roads linking them all ...
You will be asked to reach the region to be delivered in the shortest time by choosing the types and types of trailers you want and you will be able to travel to different points in each section.

General Features of the Game;

-Real truck model and lamp systems (signal, long light, short light, 3 different air horn, air brake system, retarder system and sound effects)
-4 Various types of trailer models (1 dozer loaded trailer, 2 dozer trailers, petrol tank, car transporter trailer.)
- Different and HD quality locations (Factories, harbors, warehouses, highways, towns ...)

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1+