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Car Transporter Games 2019

Car Transporter Games 2019

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Car Transporter Games 2019

The description of Car Transporter Games 2019

It’s time to drive truck to transport car. This is one of the best car transporter games. Get behind the wheel and drive heavy trucks to transport cars inside the city. The driving and transporting task might be difficult but this is what will make you a pro driver. It’s like a driving school for you where you learn to drive multiple cars. It’s not easy to drive a heavy duty transporter truck through big city. Operate your own multi transporter and enjoy a thrilling ride of heavily loaded multi transporter truck. Your duty begins with driving cars through the city traffic and loading vehicles inside the big transport truck. Once the cars are driven inside the cargo truck then you have to drive your truck and drop them on their destination. Simulation and driving all here with car transporter truck. You have to show your perfect driving skills to manage the heavy truck drive. You have a cargo truck and multiple cars to drive. You have to complete your driving challenges.

Get ready for an awesome driving experience. It's time to show your perfect driving skills while driving a heavy duty transporter on a city. You have to drive your truck very carefully without hitting other cars. Play as the real driver & a car transporter. Drive very smoothly and make sure to reach on the required destination point to unload your cargo. All you have to play this game and deliver cars to its destination and unlock your new Multi car transporter. The game consist of real-life city traffic and fulfill the duty of transport cars in your truck. Successfully complete the mission and be the professional cargo truck driver.

Your driving experience begins with heavy duty car transporter. Drive multi giant truck and transport car inside the city. Drive cars like a pro drive. Learn to park them properly over the heavy transporter truck. Navigate properly through the transportation process. Learn the real skill of parking and driving cars.

Car Transporter games 2019 Features:
• Real feel of driving a car transporter
• Transport Different Vehicles on your Cargo Truck
• Amazing 3D graphics & Realistic Car Driving
• Thrilling gameplay with Multiple Car Driving
• Multiple gameplay Scenarios
• Powerful off-road truck driving adventure

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.0.3+