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Raft Survival Island Escape Story 3D

Raft Survival Island Escape Story 3D

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Raft Survival Island Escape Story 3D

The description of Raft Survival Island Escape Story 3D

Craft your raft and survive in this Real Island Survival Game 2017.

Welcome to the raft survival escape mission simulator. Craft your raft survival mission in the desert. Survive in the hard area of island desert after ship crash in the ocean. There is one there you are only on the island. Make your home there and survive there until you find ways to back to home. You have to survive the lion attack and other animals attack there. Deer hunting with archery to fulfil the food requirements. Hunt the Whale shark to survive in the water. There is dangerous underwater shark hunter there.

Simply Craft your raft cargo ship for yourself to back. Collect the wood and other necessary items for building a raft for you. There is an army cruise ship crash in the middle of an ocean. After ship crash, there is only one commando survive the deadliest waves of the ocean. He survives on the raft and ready to be killed by hungry sharks if he will not kill them before. He woke up all alone in a small raft wandering and lost at sea. Angry and hungry sharks are there and one mistake can kill him. Now, he is a lone survivor in this survival games and ready to create his escape story on this island.

Your survival mission is to survive in the deathly desert kill all the lion attack. Build different weapons with the of woods and stone and use them for your survival. You are all in all. And also find drinking water for you. In this gameplay, you have to collect different food items, wood, stones for building a raft and for your survival. Complete different levels of the game and build the island escape mission raft.

Features of Real Raft Survival Survival Escape Mission simulator 2017:
★ Challenging real survival mission.
★ Real craft in the middle of the deep sea.
★ Crafting, building and surviving.
★ Realistic environment.
★ Beautiful Underwater swimming animation and underwater survival
★ Crocodile hunter and sharks shooter.
★ Realistic Lion Hunting and deer hunting.
★ Real graphic and real sounds of the different animal hunting.

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3.2+