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Cargo Transport Truck Simulator

Cargo Transport Truck Simulator

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Cargo Transport Truck Simulator

The description of Cargo Transport Truck Simulator

Get on the transport vehicles and drive from offroad to city. Lift the oil barrels using fork lifter from warehouse & pass through the steep roads carefully. Be the perfect truck driver, don’t let the heavy vehicles & offroad jeep go out of trail. Perform the cargo transporters in offroad truck driving games.

Its time to truck drive and off-road pickup drive. Load the cargo on American trucks so to take them to the city market. Remember its time alongside efficiency challenge for you as driver of cargo transportation. Its hard task on off the city areas. Strive for smooth driving in truck driver games. Don’t run out of time, otherwise you will be ranked failure. Take care of tank fuel as well. The tank shouldn’t run out of fuel. As its xtreme offroad driving and the truck in offroad truck driving simulator won’t be able to find any fuel stations there. Enjoy the off-road games of truck drive in offroad extreme driving games simulator. Its hard challenge in offroad driver truck simulator games. There are multiple tasks for you which includes cargo transport, oil barrels transport and oil tanker transporter in xtreme 4x4 truck games. Utilize mini pickup jeep for small cargo in cargo transporter simulator games. Drive consciously in hilly and rough terrain. Driving in hills will be proved a daunting task for you so tighten your seat belt and drive fast as professional driver in offroad games.

Truck Driver – Cargo Transport Truck Simulator features:

Realistic vehicles and hilly terrain
Multiple vehicles as cargo transporters
Time challenging and multi-level transportation jobs
Rough terrains for better user experience and to improve driving
A strand of off-road truck paths for driver

Download now and leave your suggestions so bring more challenging jobs for you.

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.4+