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Excavator stunt

Excavator stunt

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Excavator stunt

The description of Excavator stunt

Welcome to the world of excavator stunt, the world's most dangerous excavator stunt task is waiting for you to challenge!
In the game you can challenge the same task of "World Excavator Championship", such as stepping upstairs,walking along tightrope, and there also tasks more difficult and more abnormal than the task of the real world. Of course also regular excavator projects such as digging, loading, etc., you can experience the real excavator digging effect;
Come on! start the magic excavator adventure!

1: Real 3D simulation of excavator, reproducing its operation of digging, moving, steering, etc.
2, vivid environmental effect, mud, pool, AI cars, etc.
3, Authentic field construction scenes, providing fantastic driving challenges.
4, multi-angle perspective to rotate, zoom, narrow as your will.
5, Driver’s view angle provides players with real first-person driving experience.
6, provide personal honor ranks: achievement points and star rating.

Have a try! Let’s see what can you achieve? How many stars can you get?, show your fantastic driving skills.

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Format: .apk
Version: 5.0+