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Bullet Train Racing 2019

Bullet Train Racing 2019

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Bullet Train Racing 2019

The description of Bullet Train Racing 2019

Welcome to newest Bullet Train Racing 2019 game. The best train racing with realistic graphics and controls is waiting for you. Come and drive all kinds and genres of Euro train express. This train game is to fulfill the need to handle the racing train on the rails like real train driving. Once you become the driver of superfast train, all kinds of Euro trains are in your control. Race in those super fast train and let go of break paddle. Enjoy the crazy train mania in this racing simulator.

There are many subway train station the game. Drive and become the locomotive driver of this amazing Bullet Train racing 2019 game. You will roll up grades of the trial, you will cross the bridge of strife, you will take over mountains and deserts, and you will be playing a real train simulator. Enjoy super locomotive, sleek and fast trains to pick up & drop all the passengers to their destinations. Drive and win the train racing like a racing legend.

Real Train Racing 2019 Game Features:
• 3D railway stations tracks.
• Latest model of Bullet trains.
• Realistic City Environment
• Stunning sound effects
• Challenging Levels
• Open/Close Doors Animations

Sit inside the train, or simply view the train from the ground as it comes towards you. This professionally made Simulator game has something exciting for every Train lover. Your responsibility is to maintain train's fuel and drive it from one station to other. You will be driving different types of engines like steam, diesel or electric engine. Your Job is to take the passenger from one station to another safely on time. Now put your hands on the transport train steering and become the racing train master of the city. Challenge yourself to become an expert driver of this heavy fuel transporter train.

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.0.3 and up