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Tow Trucks Offroad Trucker

Tow Trucks Offroad Trucker

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Tow Trucks Offroad Trucker

The description of Tow Trucks Offroad Trucker

Top of the car towing offroad games is here! Try offroad drive in our new tow truck simulator. Offroad car tow is a tough job, try in our trucker simulator. Become a car transporter in trucker game that combines offroading games and tow truck driving simulator!

Tow Trucks Offroad features:

REALISTIC TOWING - transport cars with controllable tow mechanism

TRUCKS FLEET - drive various truck models with different characteristics

OFFROAD REGIONS - tow cars through forests and mountains

NUMEROUS MISSIONS - dozens of cars awaiting a tow truck driver

Offroad drives are in trouble!
Help them in our driving simulator. Reach a wrecked car, hitch it with the tow mechanism a carry it away. And be careful while driving tow truck and hauling a car - offroad is dangerous and extreme. Sounds cool? Then get in your tow truck and go offroad!

Tow trucks for the job!
Choose the best rig you can before going on a rescue mission. The more powerful is your tow truck, then better you can drive in our offroad simulator. Complete challenging offroad mission to buy and upgrade a better tow truck!

Offroad geography!
Visit mountains and forest, rivers and swamps in three big offroad regions, each with unique terrain, offroad challenges and missions. Go to the rescue and transport cars anywhere in our tow truck driving simulator - drive anywhere and anytime!

Offroad tow truck driving, cars rescue and transport missions - try out our new tow truck simulator!

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