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Offroad Simulator Russian Truck

Offroad Simulator Russian Truck

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Offroad Simulator Russian Truck

The description of Offroad Simulator Russian Truck

Russians roads are infamous, but Russian offroad is glorious! Try new offroad UAZ 4x4 driving simulator, one of the most Russian car games. Driving extreme cars in extreme conditions is fun and challenging, get our 4x4 offroad truck driving simulator, start your UAZ and experience it yourself! Go as far as you can!

Features of UAZ 4x4 Offroad Simulator:

RUSSIAN TRUCK- various UAZ 4x4 offroad models

OFFROAD DRIVING - overcome all challenges, climb hills, crawl rocks and cross rivers
DRIVING REGIONS - face the offroad trials of all over the world

LOTS OF MISSIONS - complete numerous challenging tasks

UAZ driving!
Try driving a variety of Russian UAZ 4x4 truck in the wild offroad - rivers, rocks and mud can stop a lot of other offroad trucks and SUV, but Russian UAZ. All its driving power is yours to try, if you can handle it from behind the wheel!

Skill challenge!
Driving in extreme offroad conditions takes special driving skill, especially when you get to drive an UAZ - a powerful and hard to tame offroad beast of a truck. Try it and see if you have what it takes to get from A to B - it’s far from easy in the offroad!

Offroad world!
Explore numerous offroad regions, each has its unique challenges and routes to offer. Get to the most remote points of the world on your UAZ 4x4 - prove that’s nothing is unreachable for a true Russian SUV driver in our offroad simulator!

Conquer the world of offroad with a legendary Russian SUV - UAZ 4x4!

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.4+