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Real Truck Driving Cargo

Real Truck Driving Cargo

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Real Truck Driving Cargo

The description of Real Truck Driving Cargo

Your ultimate heavy truck driving adventure begins with this cargo truck simulator game. Revive your mobile driving experience as a transporter in an amazing city environment. Driving in a busy city is not an easy task. Show your skills as the extreme pro trucker to drive heavy duty transporter truck carrying cargo, luggage, logs etc. Be careful on dangerous twists and turns and deliver cargo safely. Drive mega transporter trucks and transport cargo to the destination in different parts of the city.

In this cargo truck simulator game, you have a chance to act as a truck driver with the top level modern truck. The objective of this game is fairly simple. First of all you need to load containers from various warehouses and pick up points and then you have to transport and deliver these containers and blocks to the specified storerooms. Your duty is to ensure continued supply to different vendors. You will move this heavy duty transporter truck to its target with care and precision. Get your hands on the cargo truck simulator game and be the king of this truck game. Dare yourself to become an expert driver who can deliver what he commits.

A vehicle that is loaded with big containers .The User's task is to transport this luggage carefully from starting place to the specific destination. If any block or part of luggage is dropped from the cargo truck, then game is over. When the baggage reach at last stop, then the level is finished and user can move the next job. The challenge has to be completed in limited time of course. This game contains multiple levels. Complete one level and jump to the next one. Every next level is different from previous. Use the standard accelerator, brake, gear to handle your big truck.
Game Features:
- Fantastic real cargo truck simulator experience in 3D.
- Real experience of driving heavy transporter trucks
- Explore the awesome environments while playing this truck simulator 3D mania.
- High-speed, smooth steering, brakes, and realistic controls.
- Astonishing 3D graphics and environment in different transportation missions
- Real-time simulation, driving and truck parking.

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3.2+