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Iron Robot Fighting 2019

Iron Robot Fighting 2019

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Iron Robot Fighting 2019

The description of Iron Robot Fighting 2019

Iron Robot Fighting 2019 - Robot Wars 3D is a thrilling robot fighting game in 2019. Five steel robots are available to choose in garage. Handling your robot to combat with opponents. Variety of powerful weapons can be take in this robot war. Destroy each person in dynamics weather. Collect enough gold coins to unlock new robot. The outbreak of warfare increase the probability of danger. Destroy every robotic enemies in battlefront. Are you ready to start a new journey?
There are 5 different Robot hero, all the fighting robots different with unique powers. When you start the robot battle game you have only 1 robot unlock. Play exciting yet difficult levels and unlock battle robots in the robot transform game. Choose your real steel player and use all the powers to robot kill. Upgrade the robot fighter to win the robot wars.
In real steel robot boxing game, play the game with high resolution best quality 3d graphics with stunning real boxing robot animations. Don’t forgot to feel the realistic sound of futuristic battle robots game. If you want to feel the realistic sounds of modern robot fight then you must use 3D sound system.
In this robot war, robot battles are popular form of entertainment and people would build robots to compete with each other to see who is the strongest builder and fighter. During a match, two robots do their best to destroy each other using whatever means available. Your ultimate goal is to become the Champion of the battle arena by competing with other players and move up the ranks. Be the best build fighter as fame and glory awaits you.
Invite your buddy and play them together. Reloading the bullet need waste some time. So buy enough bullet before the game starts. Challenge different opponents and win the combat. You will be a king in this robot war.
The features of Iron Robot Fighting 2019 - Robot Wars 3D included:
- Choose your favorite tag team players to win the tournament in robot battle.
- Ultimate super stars Tag Team Wrestling champion’s competition called robot fighting games.
- Enjoy different Tag Team rivals with different fighting talents
- All are iron made, give them an iron kill in this robot hero game
- Professional Cage Matches with Top Wrestlers from around the world.
- Heavy weight champions to battle it out in the ring in this free wrestling.
- Unleash New Opponent Robot to Fight!

Download on Google Play
Format: .apk
Version: 4.0.3+

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