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Train Driver Simulator 2019

Train Driver Simulator 2019

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Train Driver Simulator 2019

The description of Train Driver Simulator 2019

Train Driver Simulator 2019 - Train Station Sim 3D is the best train simulation game in 2019. Compared with other train games, this game is more real. You have to stop at the train station and pick up passengers
safely. Remember to prevent unnecessary train clashes. It is no use trying to blare your horn. In this trains game, there are different types of trains for you. Such as steam train, diesel train and so on.
Detailed maps, amazing trains, wonderful features will make you feel like driving a real polar express train! Dodge oncoming trains and do not exceed the trains speed limit, Bypass the railway under construction.
You can earn xp and level up to be the skillful train driver of them all. Pick up speed, apply brakes and drive past beautiful scenes, as you go round the map and picking up passengers and fulfilling your train
transport duty. You're going to have a great railroad adventure.Travel across midtown, carry people or haul freight trains! Enjoy the crowded stations and realistic railway tracks. Stop the train before you
enter the danger zone and safely park in the railway station. It has unique trains, challenging track, changing missions, multiple camera views and tremendous trains speed to explore! Blow the horn, drive
carefully and avoid train accidents or your game will be over!
You will be able to drive steam, diesel or electric locomotives! Drive your euro train in subway tunnels to transport passengers, stop at stages to collect each passenger, open train doors and let them in!
High driving level will let you become the best subway train driver!
In this train simulator, be alert throughout your way to choose the right track. The chance to explore the train tunnels, our railway lines intimate the lines of California San Francisco and more.
You can enjoy the scenes heartily. Remember to stop at each railway station and take as many passengers as can! If you dream of being a train driver in real life. This train simulator is your first choice. The train driver simulator can give you the most realistic experiences.
Experience the joys of train driving, whether it's Amtrak or Asian Railroad. Remember, don't let your train crash another train.

The features of Train Driver Simulator 2019 - Train Station Sim 3D include:
- Awesomely Realistic 3D graphics
- Realistic Train Sounds
- Easy Controls
- Multiple camera views
- Easy to control and change tracks
- Dynamic Weather Conditions
- Amazing landscapes: city, countryside, mountain, desert and snow
- Underground subway scene

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.0.3+

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