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Offroad Oil Tanker 2019

Offroad Oil Tanker 2019

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Offroad Oil Tanker 2019

The description of Offroad Oil Tanker 2019

Let's start driving heavy duty oil cargo truck and transport oil and fuel from oil refinery to different fuel stations. If you want to drive heavy oil cargo truck on mountain and offroad tracks of deadly mountains then try one of our best oil tanker truck driver 2019 game with fuel transportation. You are going to perform the most important fuel transportation in oil tanker transporter 2019 & truck simulator game. Start oil cargo truck engine and enjoy uphill drive to oil refinery and fill your oil tanker. Your mission is to drive extreme heavy cargo simulation & transport oil in different locations, fuel stations and refill jet fuel on dangerous offroad tracks.

Offroad Oil Tanker Transport Truck Driver 2019 Features:
- Uphill Mountain real 3D environment
- Different Weather systems like rain, storm and fog
- Tricky and dangerous truck driving
- Multiple Oil tankers and trailers
- Real Truck driving simulation experience

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Version: 4.4+