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Car Crash Speed - New Car Free Game

Car Crash Speed - New Car Free Game

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Car Crash Speed - New Car Free Game

The description of Car Crash Speed - New Car Free Game

Welcome to the world of new car crash and speed bumpy ride challenge
“Car Crash Speed - New Car Free Game”
Start your car engine and dash carefully through the challenging hurdles to avoid any car derby crash.Its modern crash speed Stunt new car game.
As a fearless stunt driver, you have to drive your cars to demolish the crashing cars and perform ultimate car stunts in open world danger racing environment.
So get ready to take high-speed test over 600+ consecutive speed bumps and concrete barriers. The 4x4 destruction includes car beam damage and whole car parts will be burst into pieces. Don't wreck car while driving fast on consecutive speed breakers. Avoid high speed crashes while hitting with walls or crushing bumpy obstacles.Crazy stunts to perform with the extreme addiction to racing stunts.

The controls are quite simple and involves two buttons; a race, a brake and a reverser ( on pressing from front is break and on pressing from rear is reverse) and left and right controls. Amazing driving car experience in derby racing mania to master deadly obstacles like crushers, mid-air ramps, destruction balls, speed crush

There comes rotating rods which intend to keep your car immobile or just wash it away from a hand knock. Perform some serious stunts to survive in the most stimulating stunt arena. There comes crash breakers when car jumps on speed tracks, and there comes moments when it becomes impossible to control the speed or motion of the car on tracks.To master the stunts drive through treacherous fiery hoops, deadly propellers, and colossal ramps.
But the key lies in patience and perseverance, and it depends heavily on driver that how to show the car simulator ways and drive simulator techniques.
During crash of cars avoid the car crushers otherwise the car engine will be damaged. Test your rig's durability with collisions and destructive spikes.

Car Crash Speed - New Car Free Game Features:
• Offline game play
• Realistic car deformation and destruction
• Challenging Demolition Extreme Car Racing levels
• A realistic car crash with beam damage
• Easy stunts for kids on whirlpool mega ramp
• Smooth driving controls
• Amazing speed Car Models
• Challenging obstacles

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Format: .apk
Version: 5.0+