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San Andreas Police Bus Sim

San Andreas Police Bus Sim

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San Andreas Police Bus Sim

The description of San Andreas Police Bus Sim

Take matters into your own hands and arrest the wanted criminals yourself! In San Andreas Police Bus Sim you are the driver of the special force police! Turn on your radio for the calls from the police headquarters and drive your way through San Andreas in a real police bus.

Experience the life of a special force cop bus driver when you tackle the criminal and cuff him up in our driving simulator game. Throw the criminal in the back of your special force police bus and drive on to the next criminal who needs to get locked up. But watch out for the organized crime gangsters! They will do whatever it takes to break them out your police bus. No criminal is safe anymore with you as the special force cop officer!

San Andreas is full of wanted criminals to lock up and all of these bad guys are walking freely in the 20 different challenging levels in this driving simulator game. No time to waste! The city of San Andreas needs the new special force bus driver!

KEY FEATURES of San Andreas Police Bus Sim:

▶ Trace the wanted criminals and lock them in your San Andreas police bus!
▶ Unlock all kinds of different buses from the special force police!
▶ 20 different challenging levels to chase the wanted criminals!
▶ Experience how a real police bus driver works!
▶ More games like this driving simulator game coming soon!

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Format: .apk
Version: 2.3.2+