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Spear Fishing Scuba Deep Dive

Spear Fishing Scuba Deep Dive

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Spear Fishing Scuba Deep Dive
Spear Fishing Scuba Deep Dive
Spear Fishing Scuba Deep Dive

The description of Spear Fishing Scuba Deep Dive

Enjoy epic fishing challenge and explore the underwater sea life at paradise island. Play Spear Fishing Scuba Deep Dive, the amusing water hunter game for spearfishing lovers. Become a scuba diver and shoot harpoon with speargun to catch wild shark in underwater fishing game.

Dive deep into Blue Ocean and play as underwater hunter. Ocean life is full of amusing inhabitants like white shark, clownfish and starfish. Ace Scuba divers and fish hunter are out on sea adventure. Beware of wild shark attacks while fishing in Paradise Island. Grab your sniper rifle and go around for catching whale & goldfish. Put on the scuba diving suite and take your fishing gear from fisherman. Sail boat and make bait for angry sharks. Fisherman chase lionfish and starfish while sailing in fishing boat. Fire harpoon from your spear gun before the killer shark kill you with its razor sharp jaws. Become ace shooter enjoying angling with your rifle in lake with seamless cozy water. Find redemption killing sharks with guns.

Get ready for the most exciting fish hunt game in 3D. Experience fishing with harpoon as well as with bow arrow and forget the ordinary angling. In Spear Fishing Scuba Deep Dive; take a break from being ordinary anglers. Here you are an ace diver & swimmer breaking into the fishing world. Catch fish underwater with spear gun without angling rod. There is nothing more thrilling than hunting fish with a rifle. To hunt dolphins peeking above water use bow arrow. Throw spear like an expert fisherman for harpooning. Dive deep in Blue Ocean and swim around to explore big fish live aquarium with eels and squids. Feeling fishy get rid of angling rod and tension gauge jump in freshwater swim towards fish horde reduce distance. Take aim striking pin avoid damage fish and catches hooked fish with spear.

Spear Fishing 2016 Features:

10 amazingly challenging hunting and shooting missions
Sail fishing boat and scuba dive into Blue Ocean for spearfishing
Explore the realistic sea life with dolphins, whales and Sharks
High quality 3D graphics and underwater environment

Get rid of ridiculous fishing ways with hook and bait, who love waiting for fishing hook all day long. Download Spear Fishing Scuba Deep game in android phone and tablets for thrilling adventure more than bird hunting and animal hunter.

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Format: .apk
Version: Android 4.0 and higher