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Operate Now: Emergency

Operate Now: Emergency

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Operate Now: Emergency
Operate Now: Emergency
Operate Now: Emergency

The description of Operate Now: Emergency

Become a doctor in this fun and realistic surgery simulator game. Perform operations like in the real life and heal your sick patients.
Doctor we got another emergency for you! The nurse just told the doctor what happened to the patient. It's time to perform surgery!

The patients can have bruises, internal bleeding, swollen cuts, infected wounds and they need medicine. It's a matter of life and death!

Use your scalpel or forceps or laser. Stitch wounds. Put ice on swollen wounds. Clean blood and replace organs.

Get your patients back to good health.

Doctor I hope you are not afraid of blood?

NEW: There is a patient who ate too much pizza. Use the suction tool to suck away all his fat tissue.

Doctor don't make any mistakes in surgery. Your patients depend on you!

These are the surgeries you will be performing:
- Arm
- Leg operation
- Lung
- Heart surgery

- Be a surgeon and operate on patients.
- Use cool tools like cut a wound open with a scalpel (cut on skin), suction tool, stitch wounds, give an adrenaline injection, treat swollen wounds with ice, use forceps, use a laser to close wounds, replace organs, suck away fat tissue.
- Experience what it’s like to be a real surgeon
- 5 different patients with each different symptoms
- The Nurse guides you through the surgery. She tells the story of what happened to the patient and helps you to become a better surgeon.

This game is free. It doesn’t require any connection and can be played offline without wifi.

Download on Google Play
Version: Android 2.3.2 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[28.8 MB]