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Farm life: Hay story

Farm life: Hay story

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Farm life: Hay story
Farm life: Hay story
Farm life: Hay story

The description of Farm life: Hay story

Welcome to the "Farm Life - No Story" - This is a great game it allows you to pull the role of a farmer's life on the farm. Manage your farm and plant vegetables or fruit harvest fruit makes money so you and your friends can grow, raise farm animals, and decorate the most beautiful farms!
Built a real farmer with his prosperous farm and decorated YOUR way
Amazing free new fruits, decorations, animals include updates and more with every week!
Share with your friends agricultural products, trade with neighbors, chat and work together
Every detail is lovingly prepared and animated by our talented artists. Animals are CUTE!
If you can buy everything from farm life brighter, more vibrant graphics, a great soundtrack and more fun
Even with its submarine fleet of fishing, farming, cultivation animal husbandry, commercial buildings, including Tons of other activities!
Best of all, Farm Life always free! Farm Life players will become a real entrepreneur farmers ride on a vast expanse of land is covered with a forest of trees with basic work. Light vegetable farmer with a natural air tran, chicken, fish ... will grow like living life on the peaceful countryside, you will move. In addition, thanks to features like friends that agriculture Players alliances, has built a perfect world to do the daily shopping. If you experience farm life and then know you will find great friends.
2015 best farming game is now available for Android phones and tablets!
, Fish, remove the plants and animals that build stables, plant, plow and sow a beautiful and prosperous farm road show to all your friends!

The game requires an Internet connection

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Version: Android 2.3 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[12 MB]