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Deep Web Game: Dark Strategy

Deep Web Game: Dark Strategy

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Deep Web Game: Dark Strategy

The description of Deep Web Game: Dark Strategy

Dark deep web spreading network across the world. You as their leader must create your strategy to destroy the world government.
In this game you can:

-Control worldwide hacker network. Teach how to hack new hacker from many cities. Develop your dark network. Control strategy developed cities.

-Spread influence to control world leaders. Connect cities to control it. Government need to be destroyed
-Hack and turn city into ruins. You can choose the way you rule your city. Develop it, recruit new hackers or destroy it.

-Create new network connection. To generate information you need hackers. To earn money from information you need developed deep dark web network.

-Research new technologies. Use deep knowledge to develop your network and get access to new technologies of deep dark web net.

-Create new political system. Influence over world leaders to change government for dark deep web.

Deep web simulation about hackers and destroying governments across the world.

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1 and up