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Chief Cook Tycoon

Chief Cook Tycoon

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Chief Cook Tycoon

The description of Chief Cook Tycoon

Do you dream to become the owner of the restaurant business? If so, here you can open variety of “Fast food” restaurants and invest your time and mind in their improvements.

Here you can manage passive income from your business and hiring professional managers.
It is a real tycoon game where you could build your restaurant corporation. Come up with your own ideal strategy and become the king of “Fast food” with maximum profit!

- you are getting a passive income from your business even if you quit the game for a while
- revenues from restaurants are stored in a cash storages;
- the variety of managers are available to hiring to help you to control employees and to increase income from your restaurants;
- you could spend all your passive income to improve your business and by so increase the profits brought, this allows you not to spend all your day on the game but enter it for a short time and you will not lose feeling of progress in the game

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Format: .apk
Version: 4.1 +