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Taiga Offroad Trucks Simulator - drive 4x4 trucks!

Taiga Offroad Trucks Simulator - drive 4x4 trucks!

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Taiga Offroad Trucks Simulator - drive 4x4 trucks!

The description of Taiga Offroad Trucks Simulator - drive 4x4 trucks!

Offroad driving is a tough job - experience it yourself behind the wheel of UAZ and other Russian 4x4 trucks and UAZ in our driving simulator! Overcome harsh offroad of Taiga and Russian weather as you complete lots of driving contracts on UAZ or other 4x4 trucks. Try Russian UAZ driving with our new offroad simulator!

Features of Russian Offroad Trucks Simulator:

>4X4 TRUCKS - Drive iconic Russian UAZ and other trucks

>DRIVING MISSIONS - Do different offroad driving jobs, from cargo delivery to time trials

>UAZ UPGRADES - Earn money and upgrade engine, brakes and tires

>WEATHER AND TERRAIN - Test all offroad trucks and against mud and rain

Offroad driving career!
Overcoming offroad challenges on your 4x4 UAZ is fun and profitable in our driving simulator! Earn money as a pro in offroad driving of UAZ and other 4x4 Russian trucks. Use map to navigate and trucks upgrades for faster driving. Get good in driving all kinds of 4x4 trucks in all kinds of Russian offroad!

Russain UAZ and trucks!
What’s better for driving in Russian offroad than UAZ? Nothing! Those 4x4 trucks are designed for infamous Russian road and offroad. Test your driving skills against mud and weather and try powerful Russian 4x4 trucks in our driving simulator - offroad action for all lover of extreme and skillful driving!

Tough Russian offroad!
Only powerful 4x4 trucks are good for driving in tough Russian offroad! Driving simulator will take to picturesque locations and let you face mud, rain and other offroad challenges. Enjoy driving Russian 4x4 UAZ truck in the most Russian driving simulator!

Start your Russian UAZ and try to conquer offroad in Russian Offroad Trucks Simulator!

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